Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Sunshine and Garden Fence Card

~ hello everyone ~
...says kitty :)

My classmate had a custom request for Hello Kitty on the same background as Totoro, for another classmate who was crazy about Hello Kitty - everything she comes to class with is either pink, sparkly or Hello Kitty themed : bags, shoes, clothes, down to her hair accessories and sparkly pink phone.

Added some bling to her bow and hem for extra sparkle! 

Her facial features were rather difficult because they were so tiny and I'd lose them as soon as I cut them.

A bigger bush than last time, and stray leaves on the ground to add a little liveliness.

Someone said Kitty looked Chinese because the dress is cheongsam-ish. What do you think? 

I wasn't entirely sure how to quill a cute enough Kitty, so I used Google for inspiration. Finally found a card by Cheryl which was based on another quiller's Kitty - I would link the post, but Cheryl's blog is now open to invited readers only. 

Oh well! Good day and hello everyone!


Update : Here is the link to Cheryl's post.


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