Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Sunshine and Garden Fence Card

~ hello everyone ~
...says kitty :)

My classmate had a custom request for Hello Kitty on the same background as Totoro, for another classmate who was crazy about Hello Kitty - everything she comes to class with is either pink, sparkly or Hello Kitty themed : bags, shoes, clothes, down to her hair accessories and sparkly pink phone.

Added some bling to her bow and hem for extra sparkle! 

Her facial features were rather difficult because they were so tiny and I'd lose them as soon as I cut them.

A bigger bush than last time, and stray leaves on the ground to add a little liveliness.

Someone said Kitty looked Chinese because the dress is cheongsam-ish. What do you think? 

I wasn't entirely sure how to quill a cute enough Kitty, so I used Google for inspiration. Finally found a card by Cheryl which was based on another quiller's Kitty - I would link the post, but Cheryl's blog is now open to invited readers only. 

Oh well! Good day and hello everyone!


Update : Here is the link to Cheryl's post.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quilled Flowers Card - If people were flowers you'd be the one I'd pick!

I've always loved flowers - and what a very lovely coincidence that it's perfect for quilling.

Rhinestones for sparkle and bling!



Just listed on Etsy - here.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone - hope you have a flowery day!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas Tree Pop Up Card with Peeing Dog

Merry Christmas! (about a month late). This is a very late Christmas pop up I made with another Rich template. BOY was it complicated to cut.

So this was the way the tree left my house (a perfect square pyramid), but unfortunately when it arrived at the recipient's doorstep the tree's top section was flat and didn't pop the way it was supposed to =( 

I guess 2 weeks of being flat in the mail made it stay that way, because it was only paper. I did try using cardstock so it'd be more sturdy, but cardstock is much, MUCH harder to cut.

p.s. Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are, this was how it was supposed to look.

A little peek at the Dalmatian sneakily peeing in the tree, thinking no one can see her! 

Close up of the peeing leg. It was supposed to resemble the recipient's Dalmatian (and I even copied the spots from photos of her!) but apparently girl dogs do not pee that way. Whoops.

Simple card front, with a lacy border and taped ribbon.

This was the first version I made, with thick cardstock instead of paper. Sturdier but extremely tedious to cut, and I made a mistake by cutting one corner of the tree. I even coloured the lights with glitter! though the sparkle can't be seen in the photo. 

It was fun making this card! But I probably won't be doing it again anytime soon. Thanks for reading, have a sweet day everyone.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quilled Sheep Thinking of Ewe (You) Love Card

My first "Thinking of You" card, which can be used for all occasions. But who says you need an occasion anyway? Nothing sweeter than a message to let that special person know that he/she is in your thoughts, any time of day! 

I must say, though I thoroughly enjoy crafting and quilling and exploring new ideas, the tech part of this does get a little tiring sometimes! Taking photographs (searching for good lighting and angles), editing photographs when they don't come out as an accurate depiction of the card, posting the pictures online, making a new listing on Etsy and Blogspot - wow! 

If only there was a Marketing Department :) but alas! I do not have that luxury.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quilled Teddy Bears I Love you Beary Much Card

A simple card I quilled this week - teddy bears again! Full of love and sweetness :)

They look so cuddly I wanna hug 'em. 

Words are a bit faded in this photo but rest assured they are printed clear and black.

Have a 'beary' happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Girl Pink Teddy Bear Pop Up Card with Quilled Heart

It's the middle of the week and still a while more to the weekend. But this treasury I was featured in, Dream in Color by Mary Louise is so bright and colorful it cheered me up for the rest of the day. The quilled heart gift tags in rainbow colours are especially cute!

I'm on holiday now and have been on a bit of a card-making craze. That, and going to the gym are what make up the bulk of my life now. There are 2 cards that I cannot show because the recipient hasn't gotten them and 3 completed cards that are sitting on my desk right now.

Here's one of them!

I tried the same teddy bear pop up again (by Rich of Creative Pop Up Cards), but in pastel pink this time for a baby girl card.
This is so versatile : it can be used as a baby announcement card, congratulations on a new baby, invitations to a baby shower, a little girl's birthday - the list is endless!

The little sweetie in her favorite red hair bow and clutching a pacifier in her left paw. 

She was supposed to be holding a milk bottle too, but I kept cutting it wrongly and in the end, exasperated, I decided that she probably wouldn't be holding so many things anyway! 

I also added punched red hearts to the corners.

Can't go for long without a teensy bit of quilling!

Front view.

And finally Little Pink Teddy says :
Happy Chinese New Year everybody! 


p.s. Submitting this for a Crafty Challenge (the first I'm participating in)! The theme is Something New, and I'm submitting under New Baby. Fingers are crossed!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pop Up Valentine's Love Bear Card with Quilled Heart

I've been a bit crazy about pop up cards lately. They're just as time consuming as quilled cards because extreme precision is required for every measurement, but when other crafters are generous enough to share their ready-drawn patterns, it becomes slightly easier! 

Here's an adorable teddy bear by Rich from Creative Pop Up Cards

This little sweetheart pops up at you and presents you with a big red heart as the card is opened.

A simple quilled heart to adorn the front :)


One last peep. 

My Love Spiral Pop Up Card got into yet another treasury! 
What a week this is turning out to be.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quilled Totoro Garden Fence Teacher Card

This is another Totoro card I quilled recently as a custom request.  She wanted a birthday card for her daughter's teacher, who decorated her classroom with Totoro. 

Here's the rough sketch I started out with.

Close up of the quilled sun. If you look carefully you can see that the flowers on the bush are dimensional.

Little girl and her teacher sitting by the fence - those are their names written on the fence, and above the fence is the classroom name (Totoro Class). My customer was very cheery and encouraging, and her daughter was the most adorable little darling! Such a pleasure making this card for them.

And googly eyes are such fun to play with.

Totoro dust balls bounce about inside the card.  I think they're rather adorable!

My Love Spiral Pop Up Card was featured in two Etsy treasuries lately, do hop along and take a look at these lovelies!

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Really Reasonable Ribbon Giveaway

So there's this really generous giveaway by Really Reasonable Ribbon which is really far more than reasonable. Ah, if only! The Scor-Buddy looks so yummy. New stuff for a new year..? I've got my fingers crossed!

If you're interested in all these goodies, do hop along here and check out the other stuff on their website as well! 

Christmas/Valentine's Quilled Heart Cards

Here's what I've been busy with - Christmas mini cards!

First I quilled the hearts.

Then I made the backing with space for a message. Wanted to decorate the back a little more but I had less than a week to finish 40 of these sweeties.

Glued on the quilled hearts, personalized it with a message from me as well as the recipients' names, and voila!

Arranged neatly in my Christmas box, all ready to be Miss Santa =)

Close-up of a card. 

I'd actually thought making these would be a breeze (the heart is the easiest thing to quill, after all!) - but making 40 was NO joke. Even so, I'm not done; there are plenty more people I need to make cards for and am super late! 

I hope they won't mind <3 Maybe it'll be a Valentine!

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