Sunday, October 31, 2010

angel teddy bear <3

my heart melts whenever i see my little teddy bear with angel wings =) 
the cardstock shines as it hits the light : very pretty :)
words : "it's just a farewell, not a goodbye..."

the inside of the card is lined with heart-patterned organza ribbon., and is lightly glittered (although the slight shimmer is not clear here).

Code : AOC001 
Size : 10.5cm x 14.85cm

A quilled pointsettia with swirled vines, mounted on beigey pink card stock.
Code : AOC002
Size : 10.5cm x 14.85cm
The insides of both cards are left blank for your own message =) 

Little Note Cards

Because different people have different budgets, I decided to experiment and make some little lower cost note-cards. 

A pale yellow and beige butterfly on a 3 layered pink/red/white background.
Code : NC001
Size : 9cm x 12cm

Quilled hearts on lavender paper and black card, embellished with organza ribbon.
Quilled hearts on lavender paper and black card, embellished with organza ribbon.
Code : NC002
Size : 9cm x 12cm

*  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
I also decided to try  my hand at kirigami (art of cutting paper).
My GOODNESS. I thought it would just be drawing and cutting, but the whole process took me almost 8 hours to finish because there was so much detail to cut. And it was nerve wracking, because one small mistake would ruin the whole flower and the paper would be wasted. SO scary.

But it was worth it! =) 
I mean, think of sending a letter or note, on lined A4 paper. 

Then think of sending a note on this pretty thing : 
I especially love how the detail continues into the paper, like the petals of the top middle flower.
The space at the bottom is for a signature, or a P.S.
Code : MS001
Size : Approx 3/4 the size of A4 paper

This is on paper instead of cardstock. More flexible and easier to cut, but also more easily torn.
Code : MS002
Size : Approx 3/4 the size of A4 paper

jingle all the way!

Christmas is on the way, and here come the christmas cards!
(yes i admit I've been in a card-making frenzy the last couple of weeks, neglecting all my math homework teehee.)

Snowflake card!
This was SOOO tedious to quill! 36 quills and 7 hours went into that snowflake. 
but oh, how pretty and glittery it is!
Code : XM001
Size : 10.5cm x 14.85cm
(inside of the card is left blank for your own message)
The empty space at the bottom is for the recipient's name in glitter (or any other message that you prefer.)

This is what the snowflake looks like without glitter, if you prefer it just plain white.

And... with glitter.

Another Christmas card =)
Christmas tree pop-up, complete with gold star and mini flowers that stick out.
Code : XM002
Size : 10.5cm x 14.85cm
The front of the card : quilled multicoloured hearts on a light green background. (I don't know why the green doesn't really show in the picture).
Close view of the multicoloured glitter.

Can't wait for christmas! I LOVE the jingly happy atmostphere of the season, the shopping, the hustle and bustle, the presents, the food! Although it's a little over-commercialized, I enjoy it to the fullest. Of course, never forgetting the real reason we celebrate every Decemeber 25th =)

Just getting started!

Here's a birthday card I made for Ema 2 weeks ago!
loving the cute pop-up cake and candles =D

The front of the card :
3D flowers, vines, and Ema's name in gold glitter.

Close up of the 3D flowers.

The waterfall card I made for Hari's birthday.
The letters of his name unfold slowly as the tab is pulled (as seen in the video).
Low-tech-me didn't know how to rotate the video so it's horizontal =P 

The back of Hari's card.

Calvin's 18th birthday card is made with strips of paper woven together.

A close up of the weave.
Notice that the "18" and Calvin's name are on raised platforms? 

Quite happy with the results! though they took me 3 whole days to finish. 

Codes : 
Ema's card : BD001
Hari's card : BD 002
Calvin's card : BD003

These cards were specially designed for Ema, Hari and Calvin. They are not for sale. The codes are just here so that anyone wanting something like this can easily refer (e.g. I want flowers like on BD001).
lovies, yuenie.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's the birth of Yuenie's Fancies!

Hi everyone! =)

I've decided to start a blogshop! All the cards I sell will be shown here, as well as the ones that I make for personal use and fun. Soooo excited!

If you decide to order, simply drop me an email (with your name and the code of the card that you want) at! I'm open to custom orders as well (like if you want a certain type of snowflake on a birthday card instead of a christmas card, or if you want a green teddy bear on your card because it's a private joke, whatever), let me know, and we'll work out something you like!

Love, Yuenie.
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