About Me

I've loved making cards and hand-wrapping gifts ever since I was a kid. My mum is still keeping the lopsided, crooked birthday cards I made for her all through childhood. As the years passed, the cards grew prettier, the handwriting got neater, the cutting became straighter, and my love of making things blossomed. I went mad over baking cookies for friends in Form 4 (people have said that my cookies are better than Famous Amos! *preens*) and then came a brief period of card-making / quilling / craft addiction.

It was a little inconvenient that birthdays only come once a year, so I started making cards for OTHER people to give to their friends. In my quest for other quilling and card-making sites, I stumbled across many a blogshop whose owners started with a passion for craft and built it up from there.

And so I've decided to try my hand at this as well! Hence, the birth of Yuenie's Fancies. =)

Enjoy! =)

 ♥ yuenie.
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