Monday, December 19, 2011

Quilled Miniature Tea Set

This is a tea set I quilled in September for a birthday and includes a teapot, a cup with saucer, a cake with cherry on top, a plate for it, and a teeny tiny spoon.

I made it based on Inna's little blue tea set, but made mine green because it was the recipient's favorite colour. Come to think of it, lime green might've been a livelier shade than forest green.

I forgot to take measurements, but you can get an idea of how small the spoon is! =)
Maybe about 1.5 cm in length?

The spoon was one of the trickiest parts to make (because of its size), along with the cream on the cake and the teapot spout. Made me want to pull my hair out by the roots sometimes, but it was all worth it!

Packaging was a bit of a doozy since I was afraid of detachable parts getting lost, like the teapot lid and the spoon. 

But a sponge and tissue did the trick ;)

Rose patterned cardstock.

The whole thing took me all of one week to finish. I wonder how long it takes other crafters to make miniatures? I simply cannot imagine how it is possible to make a living from something so time-consuming!

On another note, I was featured in another Etsy treasury recently :
The Reason for the Season by Paulette Ross gives a timely reminder on why we celebrate Christmas.

The nativities are simply adorable, it's amazing how one scene can be portrayed in so many different ways! 
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