Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Handmade lovelies

I've been buying on Etsy more than I've been selling lately, and that's due to my AS finals which are looming nearer and nearer. 

So here's a post about my favorite purchases. As a handmade artist, I feel it my duty and pleasure to increase awareness and support for handmade artists everywhere, and these sellers really have amazing handiwork!

Flora event-rose-Swarovski Crystal-Imitation pearls -Polymer Clay Bracelets
I bought this bracelet and another pair of earrings from naturaler. Beautifully handcrafted flowers and great prices too! Well, for those of you who deal in USD, she offers the cheapest bargains on Etsy, including shipping. If you're converting to Malaysian Ringgit (like I am), it can get a little pricier, but it's well worth it nonetheless!

Music to My Ears - copper violin earrings
These elegant violin earrings are from The Queen's Dowry whose prices are on the high side =( but these violins were classic! I really wanted something to represent my love of music : singing, piano and the violin. One down, 2 more to go! I was a little disappointed that they weren't exactly as 3D as I imagined them to be though, but the intricate detail really made up for it : check out the shoulder rest!

This is a non-Etsy seller, Chatterbeads, and the owner actually attends a church not too far from mine. These birdy earrings are now one of my personal favorites and I wear them every few days. The jewelry she makes all show good taste and elegant design, reflected quite accurately in the price. 

Long live handmade! =)

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