Monday, December 21, 2015

Vintage Car Hand-bound Journal

Just thought I'd share my latest creation with you - this was a recent order for a journal. I was super excited to use my new vintage car fabric that I found in a sewing shop nearby!

This one had the whole works : elastic band, metal corners and bookmark.

Totalling about 144 pages

I included a little birdy bookmark too *=)

Antique type metal corners. I've always preferred the brass ones to the silver ones.

This is the back of the book, with proper eyelets for the elastic band. Brass to match the metal corners!

This is what the inside cover looks like. Textured ivory lining and visible stitches.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Back with bookbinding!

Hi all!

After a really, really long, hiatus, I'm back! For those of you who need an update, I've just returned after a 3-year period in the UK for university. Now that I'm back in Malaysia (and have renewed access to my four shelves of crafting supplies that I couldn't bring with me), guess who's been bitten by the crafting bug again! *=)

Lemme just give you a peek of what I've been up to. I've actually been crafting loads and loads but can't show much of it here because almost everything is for people I wanna surprise for Christmas.

I've been bookbinding! This is the only one I can show right now because mum has already seen it and knows it's for her.

Every part of this book is made from scratch, from the fabric covers, to the metal corners hammered into the cover, to the threads stitched by hand, to the paper which is completely hand cut by me.

Also included a bookmark, with a braid and tiny charm that lets her know it's been made with lots of lurrrrve!

Note the metal corners and ivory paper lining for the covers. I could have covered the stitches with the ivory paper but chose not to. First, it may not have looked as neat, and secondly, I do think this method shows the workmanship a lot clearer, doesn't it?

A view of the back, with the elastic band attached to hand-punched metal eyelets. 

Do note that although I do sell these note books, I only make it to order, meaning that none are made beforehand. I have a selection of fabric that you can choose from for the covers, but would need some time to put the book together.

I have four more books to stitch at the moment, and it's only 2 more weeks to Christmas! Help!

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