Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miyyah@Kertas giveaway

Miyyah@Kertas is having her first giveaway!

Just check out this pretty photo album which she has decorated with quilling :
The giveaway album won't be exactly like this, but is also of the same type of quilling. Isn't it lovely?

Miyyah is one of the best Malaysian quillers around and I must say I've gotten a lot of inspiration from her. What I really love is her generosity in sharing bargain finds, like the Mini USB Paper Shredder which I just checked out at Cineleisure today!

To stand a chance to win this lovely handcraft of Miyyah's, drop by here and leave her some love!

Personal Christmas Cards

I've been making quite a lot of cards lately but just lazy to put up the photos (Picasa is about as fast as a snail.)

Here are my personal Christmas cards (which, in my personal opinion, are not as fanciful, no extra ribbons/embellishments/glitter, but make up for it with  layers of meaning).

The line upon which I designed this is : 
"May our friendship continue to bloom and grow, rooted in the love of God".

As you can see the heart has 3 layers, symbolising our triune God.

Many of you who know me will recognize this little sweetie!
He is a bit out of place in this card (turtles don't climb red trees, do they?) but I wanted to add him anyway.

 Yes, it's my SmileyTurtle, whom I draw everywhere I go =)
This is the inside part of the red tree card.

My mum had something a little more different : a Chinese character pop up card, for which I used my favorite shimmery blue-green cardstock.

Mother. A word, carrying with it so many other meanings. Great love, supreme self sacrifice.

My mother is the most resilient woman I know. She's lived through many difficult experiences : the death of a beloved daughter, the betrayal of her most loved, the loss of 2 siblings. And yet here she is : where others might have crumbled, she stands firm and keeps on living her life to the fullest. A true lady, a woman highly respected and dearly loved.


After painstakingly carving the "妈" on the inside I was too tired (or lazy) to do anything too elaborate on the outside, so I simply gave it a little flourish with my best organza ribbon.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sale of hand powered shredders

A question to my fellow quillers out there :

Tired of hand cutting endless strips of paper? Or feel that purchased quilled paper is too expensive?

Rainbow Chick Resources is having a sale for Mini Hand Powered Shredders on her blog! 

They're pretty cute, and really useful! =) Believe me, it is waaaay better than having to cut hundreds of strips manually. I still shudder at the thought of THIS : 
I manually measured, drew and handcut 185 strips of 3 mm for quilling, and I wasn't fit for anything but the bed after that. 
So, yes, shredders = gift from heaven.

If you're interested, email her at or leave a comment on her blogpost (click here).

Monday, December 27, 2010

Colorful Quilled Balloons Birthday Card

 When I was young, I really liked the word "technicolour" after hearing it in a Lizzie Maguire song. It sounded cool to say and was fun to roll around the tongue. Technicolourtechnicolourtechnicolour. 

According to The Free Online Dictionary, it means 
"brightly, showily, or garishly coloured; vividly noticeable".

And that is exactly what my new card is : 

I nearly got blinded when making this card, the colours was so bright and cheery.

Great for the young and the young at heart =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Card Frenzy


As you can see, I'm still alive and kicking. Sorry for the long break, I've had a pretty hectic time these past weeks. After the flurry of my final exams, there was the mad rush of making Christmas cards (completing custom orders as well as my personal cards), and then off to Australia for a family holiday! Just got back on Christmas Eve with bundles of Australian chocolates, fruit, clothes, and everything else you can expect a teenage shopaholic to buy on vacation.

Just to share some of the cards I made for the advent season :

This is one of my personal favourites - simply adore the 2 snowgirls!

Look at the glitter lining on their hats =) i love adding the teeny details!

Another pop up card :
This is actually the card mentioned here, but with colorful baubles added to the tree and presents underneath.

I have more cards to share, but right now that Turkish Delight I bought in Australia is calling my name (yes, that Turkish Delight which rose to fame after the White Queen's endorsement in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.) What a pity it can't be found in Malaysia!  But then I suppose White Queens are more suited to colder climates than our humble tropical land.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Have a great year ahead =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flowers, flowers, flowers.

This is what I spent the whole weekend doing : Quilled Flower Paper Clips!

I listed them in my Etsy shop as a set of 6 (Princess Pink, Sunset Orange, Daisy White, Ocean Blue, Ravishing Red and Pretty Purple), and they sold the very same day, just a few hours later! I think the buyer is planning to give them out as little Christmas gifts. Whee =D

 It took me almost 2 whole days to make, especially as I don't own a pair of pliers to attach the metal rings. 
Hurt my fingers =(
But I still love looking at them, they're so adorable!

I made them into pendants as well, but I think the clippies are cuter =)

Oh dear, enough of flowers already. Imma go quill some snowgirls now. 
And I'm supposed to be practicing piano, I've got my ATCL diploma exam tomorrow. Quaking in my boots, but I hear my examiner is pretty friendly so here's to a Pass! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

More treasuries, and a gift box

Announcement : Today is the last day to participate in my giveaway! Hurry, before midnight strikes! All you have to do is to go to this link :

Leave a comment saying what your favourite Yuenie's Fancies item is, and your email (for me to contact if you win). Quickie quick! Time's running out!

So, what's been happening with my shop, do you ask? 
Well, I got my first international order (whee!) and had an AWESOME time packaging it.

This is the item I actually sold (Thank You Card with Coffee Cup Dessert Fork) :
 I was thinking and thinking, how, how, how am I to package it? Obviously with the fork, it won't fit in a regular envelope, and it needs to be sufficiently protected so the fork doesn't kill the card =) The postman  wouldn't treat it as gently as I would.

So in the end, I planned out, measured, cut and hand-assembled my own Bubble Box Mailer :
Isn't the heart pretty? =)

Both front and back of the box are lined with bubble wrap, then covered with red paper to hide the bubble =) 
Size : 3.5 x 11.5 x 16 cm.

I wonder how long it'll take to reach the US. 


My snowflake made it into yet another treasury! 

This treasury, named Holiday Decorating Under $30 is by aromacandles. Some of the items included are really sweet, like the lovebirds =) I am such a girl. 

Also, my Christmas tree pop-up card was included in this treasury :

Etsy is addictive.

Su-Zanne's wedding

Hey there, I'm back! Been really really busy the past week, what with exams, and my piano exam coming up this  Wednesday. But thankfully college exams are over, and I can once again quill to my heart's content =)

My dear cousin, Su-Zanne got married yesterday, and it went beautifully =) The shoe game they played was really cute!
It goes like this : Suzanne was wearing bright red heels, and Joseph was wearing black leather shoes. Both of them sat back to back on the platform, and they exchanged one shoe. So each of them would hold a red shoe in one hand, and a black shoe in the other. The emcees would ask them a question, eg : "Who wears the pants in this relationship?" and they had to answer by lifting up one shoe! Bright Red Shoe = Su-Zanne and Black Leather Shoe = Joseph. If their answers didn't correspond, they'd have to kiss =D Very cute.

Here's a congratulatory card I made for Su-Zanne yesterday :

She's such a bubbly pleasant person to be around, and he seems like a very very nice guy as well : I see a very happy marriage ahead for this fun-loving couple! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My first giveaway =)

Hi! It's the middle of exam season so although lots of things happened (like getting into more treasuries!) I won't be able to update properly till Friday at the earliest.

But I do have something to announce! =)

Yuenie's Fancies is having a giveaway at A Little Etsy Love! =) 

One lucky reader will get my Quilled Nativity Card, mentioned in this blog post :

To be eligible for the giveaway, simply pop on over here! Leave a comment on the post, stating your favourite item from Yuenie's Fancies, and your email (for me to contact you when you win). As simple as that!

You get extra entries when you :
1) "Follow" this blog
2) Like Yuenie's Fancies on Facebook
3) Make a purchase from my shop
4) Follow, subscribe or tweet the A Little Etsy Love blog

Remember to leave an extra comment and your email when you do any of the extras! The giveaway lasts from 5th to 12th December 2010. All the best! 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Double excitement =)

Imagine how excited I was when I found out that my quilled snowflake ornament has found its way into an Etsy treasury!

I love treasuries. The idea that someone has gone through the whole of Etsy to find that special something (okay, a list of 16 special somethings) and finally decided on one of my little handmade creations to be on the list : it really makes me warm inside =)

This treasury, named A Little Holiday Magic, was created by the user csmartglass with the theme of unique, affordable, handmade gifts for christmas. The Dumbledore doll is so cute!

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

On a separate note, Yenni Natalia from Scrapcollector is having a giveaway! Just look at all the stuff she's offering : stamps, rhinestones, rub ons...the perfect crafter extravaganza! I admit that the stamps are what appeal to me the most =) I've been wanting to use stamps in my craft for ages, but they cost too much. She'll announce the winners on 12th December (her birthday) just in time for the Christmas rush!

If you're interested, do pop by here and take a look! But I hope you don't win (teehee) because I want to!

Quilled Monogram Initial and Pop Up Christmas Card

I wanted to try my hand at quilled initials, twould make it so easy to personalize each card! 
So I started with the letter R. Just because.

Also had a lot of fun making this christmas pop-up card! A simple template by Robert Sabuda. 

And the whole card is elegantly tied with bright red ribbon. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Delights =)

Despite my earlier resolution to buck up and start studying, I'm still quilling! And I'm having more and more headaches lately because I've been sleeping at most 4 hours a day, just to quill and study (well, barely). Still, I can't help but feel a glow of satisfaction every time I look at my creations =)

Quilled Christmas gift, all bundled up in green and a flourish of bright red ribbon, mounted on white and gold cardstock =)
Code : XM003

A quilled nativity scene, with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in a manger.
Code : XM004

I think the baby's cute =)

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