Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas Tree Pop Up Card with Peeing Dog

Merry Christmas! (about a month late). This is a very late Christmas pop up I made with another Rich template. BOY was it complicated to cut.

So this was the way the tree left my house (a perfect square pyramid), but unfortunately when it arrived at the recipient's doorstep the tree's top section was flat and didn't pop the way it was supposed to =( 

I guess 2 weeks of being flat in the mail made it stay that way, because it was only paper. I did try using cardstock so it'd be more sturdy, but cardstock is much, MUCH harder to cut.

p.s. Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are, this was how it was supposed to look.

A little peek at the Dalmatian sneakily peeing in the tree, thinking no one can see her! 

Close up of the peeing leg. It was supposed to resemble the recipient's Dalmatian (and I even copied the spots from photos of her!) but apparently girl dogs do not pee that way. Whoops.

Simple card front, with a lacy border and taped ribbon.

This was the first version I made, with thick cardstock instead of paper. Sturdier but extremely tedious to cut, and I made a mistake by cutting one corner of the tree. I even coloured the lights with glitter! though the sparkle can't be seen in the photo. 

It was fun making this card! But I probably won't be doing it again anytime soon. Thanks for reading, have a sweet day everyone.


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  1. It looks great, cute dog!
    you must have patience to cut that tree out!!


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