Thursday, December 30, 2010

Personal Christmas Cards

I've been making quite a lot of cards lately but just lazy to put up the photos (Picasa is about as fast as a snail.)

Here are my personal Christmas cards (which, in my personal opinion, are not as fanciful, no extra ribbons/embellishments/glitter, but make up for it with  layers of meaning).

The line upon which I designed this is : 
"May our friendship continue to bloom and grow, rooted in the love of God".

As you can see the heart has 3 layers, symbolising our triune God.

Many of you who know me will recognize this little sweetie!
He is a bit out of place in this card (turtles don't climb red trees, do they?) but I wanted to add him anyway.

 Yes, it's my SmileyTurtle, whom I draw everywhere I go =)
This is the inside part of the red tree card.

My mum had something a little more different : a Chinese character pop up card, for which I used my favorite shimmery blue-green cardstock.

Mother. A word, carrying with it so many other meanings. Great love, supreme self sacrifice.

My mother is the most resilient woman I know. She's lived through many difficult experiences : the death of a beloved daughter, the betrayal of her most loved, the loss of 2 siblings. And yet here she is : where others might have crumbled, she stands firm and keeps on living her life to the fullest. A true lady, a woman highly respected and dearly loved.


After painstakingly carving the "妈" on the inside I was too tired (or lazy) to do anything too elaborate on the outside, so I simply gave it a little flourish with my best organza ribbon.

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