Sunday, December 12, 2010

Su-Zanne's wedding

Hey there, I'm back! Been really really busy the past week, what with exams, and my piano exam coming up this  Wednesday. But thankfully college exams are over, and I can once again quill to my heart's content =)

My dear cousin, Su-Zanne got married yesterday, and it went beautifully =) The shoe game they played was really cute!
It goes like this : Suzanne was wearing bright red heels, and Joseph was wearing black leather shoes. Both of them sat back to back on the platform, and they exchanged one shoe. So each of them would hold a red shoe in one hand, and a black shoe in the other. The emcees would ask them a question, eg : "Who wears the pants in this relationship?" and they had to answer by lifting up one shoe! Bright Red Shoe = Su-Zanne and Black Leather Shoe = Joseph. If their answers didn't correspond, they'd have to kiss =D Very cute.

Here's a congratulatory card I made for Su-Zanne yesterday :

She's such a bubbly pleasant person to be around, and he seems like a very very nice guy as well : I see a very happy marriage ahead for this fun-loving couple! 

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