Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flowers, flowers, flowers.

This is what I spent the whole weekend doing : Quilled Flower Paper Clips!

I listed them in my Etsy shop as a set of 6 (Princess Pink, Sunset Orange, Daisy White, Ocean Blue, Ravishing Red and Pretty Purple), and they sold the very same day, just a few hours later! I think the buyer is planning to give them out as little Christmas gifts. Whee =D

 It took me almost 2 whole days to make, especially as I don't own a pair of pliers to attach the metal rings. 
Hurt my fingers =(
But I still love looking at them, they're so adorable!

I made them into pendants as well, but I think the clippies are cuter =)

Oh dear, enough of flowers already. Imma go quill some snowgirls now. 
And I'm supposed to be practicing piano, I've got my ATCL diploma exam tomorrow. Quaking in my boots, but I hear my examiner is pretty friendly so here's to a Pass! 

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