Sunday, December 12, 2010

More treasuries, and a gift box

Announcement : Today is the last day to participate in my giveaway! Hurry, before midnight strikes! All you have to do is to go to this link :

Leave a comment saying what your favourite Yuenie's Fancies item is, and your email (for me to contact if you win). Quickie quick! Time's running out!

So, what's been happening with my shop, do you ask? 
Well, I got my first international order (whee!) and had an AWESOME time packaging it.

This is the item I actually sold (Thank You Card with Coffee Cup Dessert Fork) :
 I was thinking and thinking, how, how, how am I to package it? Obviously with the fork, it won't fit in a regular envelope, and it needs to be sufficiently protected so the fork doesn't kill the card =) The postman  wouldn't treat it as gently as I would.

So in the end, I planned out, measured, cut and hand-assembled my own Bubble Box Mailer :
Isn't the heart pretty? =)

Both front and back of the box are lined with bubble wrap, then covered with red paper to hide the bubble =) 
Size : 3.5 x 11.5 x 16 cm.

I wonder how long it'll take to reach the US. 


My snowflake made it into yet another treasury! 

This treasury, named Holiday Decorating Under $30 is by aromacandles. Some of the items included are really sweet, like the lovebirds =) I am such a girl. 

Also, my Christmas tree pop-up card was included in this treasury :

Etsy is addictive.

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