Friday, February 11, 2011

Quilled Totoro and Sun with Singing Cow

This was a really really tricky card to do. My friend asked for a Totoro and a cow singing "happy birthday" inside. 

When I first heard I was like, "oh no! no grey quilling strips! AND I've never watched totoro." 
Google to the rescue!

and here's the little tyke. I'm having so much fun adding googly eyes to everything! First the boxing gloves and now Totoro =)

Ironically, I never used any of the pictures I got from Google Image Search. I modelled my little darling on a Totoro plushie that belongs to my cousin sister. 


p.s. if you look really carefully, that's not exactly grey paper I used. *guilty grin* It's silver paper! 
So the edges actually gleam in the light, though it just looks grey when it's quilled on edge. I used the same trick (substituting silver paper for grey) on this card


  1. You did another great job Yuenie. I had no idea what a Totoro was so google to the rescue for me too. You got it dead on.

  2. So adorable, and it looks grey to me.

  3. Cheryl : thank you so much for the kind words! =) My Neighbour Totoro is a popular Japanese animated series.

    Paula : Ah, the trick worked! glad you like it paula.

  4. Hi soulmate! (haha I was beyond excited to know that I'm not the only one who quill while watching kdrama!!! :P )

    The Silver paper is perfect for the totoro!! Am in love with the totoro! Just learned to use the googly eyes too (but yet to post on the blog) :P

  5. I love the card with Totoro. So cute.

  6. ishk...please PM me for the price of diz one...

  7. so me the price of this card pls...thank you..

  8. Hello Dorcas!

    Thank you for your interest in my craft. However I was unable to reach you because no contact information was given on your profile. Do send me an email at yueniesfancies(at)gmail(dot)com, I'd love to hear from you!


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