Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quilled Flowers and Pop Up Card

I think this is the most elaborate quilling project I have made so far. The whole card took me all of 11 hours to finish, and I still hadn't done my college homework. Slept at 4 a.m. that night, but it was worth it! 

My little fringed pretty =) she reminds me of the pom poms I used to wave around when I was involved in high school Sports Day cheerleading.

Techniques used were : Basic quilling, fringing, double fringing and alternate side looping. Oh, and punching, if that counts. I punched out little pink butterflies to flutter around the sides =)

The inside of the card is my Love Spiral Pop Up Card - with a twist.
Instead of L-O-V-E, my customer/friend requested for the recipient's name to be the pop up. The spiral heart would take the place of an "A".

oh it's so pretty, my heart just broke to part with it. I do hope the person likes it! =D

p.s. I did this with inspiration from Inna, once again!


  1. Your quilling was worth the 11 hours and staying up all night for...what a great card. I love your pictures too.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Yuenie - well done!

  3. This is a fun looking card! Nice work.

  4. Hi Yuenie..

    This Card is Very Beautiful! Good Creation. anyway, thanks for joining my candy. Hope you win

    Good Luck
    Rina Damay

  5. Yuenie, thank you for giving me tips regarding the paper. I have heard about shredding the paper in the shredder, however my shredder cuts the paper vertically and also horizontally to little bits, so it is not very useful. If you see the latest entry in my blog, you will see I got the self healing mat and a paper knife. It definitely seems easier with those. Thanks for your comments.
    Your cards are beautiful!


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