Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haunted House Pop Up

Looking back at the quilled flowery card I made a while ago, I felt it was pretty, but lacked what I call the "ooomph". So I decided to add in the haunted house (which i was told is a private joke) as a pop up =D 


 a pair of sinister eyes watches the doorway for any unwary visitors.

 I was positively determined that the roof should be grey. But no book shop sells grey paper! trust me, i searched every shop i knew. So I had to resort to using the back side of a piece of silver paper.

Code : AOC003
the inspiration/design was by a fellow crafter called Leisha. she's amazing! Had to make the house twice, as I accidentally cut the wrong lines the first time. =S HUGE headache. But now I feel so proud of it =) my first major pop-up card!

I do think my little ghosts are rather adorable, don't you? ; )


  1. Stunning Yuenie, I can't imagine having the patience to do all the cutting involved. Very clever!

  2. Totally stunning. With veranda and everything!

  3. thank you, fairy cardmaker =) i loved making it!


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