Sunday, November 14, 2010

of Mr Lotso and God's love.

Found out last week that the guitar card I made, was actually meant for a girl. Whoops!
Also, the white guitar that she wanted for her birthday was acoustic, not an electric guitar. Double whoops!

So I remade the card.
Code : AOC005

Close up of the cross :

 Inside : the white acoustic guitar she wanted  =)

I know, musically this is all wrong. Like how the 'd' in birthday can't seem to decide whether it wants to be a quaver or a minim. But hey, creative licence!

I put a lot of symbolism into this card - wonder if you'll see it the way I do?
Here's the 'hidden meaning' in my design :

The heart enclosing all the flowers -
God's love encompassing all
(and hence linked to the cross, which was a request to be included in the card).

4 swirls radiating from the cross/centre of the heart :
The fact that we are asked to also radiate God's love to all 4 corners of the earth.

Gold and silver :
The kingship of Jesus, but also a direct reference to the recipient's name Alycia. 
I googled it! and it means noble / royal.

Purplish pink teddy bear :
She has a purplish pink teddy bear called Mr. Lotso. =D
so it's not some random bear, it's Mr Lotso to you!

That was a fun card to make! Felt a little loath to part with it =P

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