Sunday, November 21, 2010

Money tree, and more origamic architecture!

Making a card for an ambitious guy who's into high end fashion was no piece of cake, but I enjoyed every second of it! Here's the result =)

Code : AOC007
Size : 14.85 cm x 21 cm 
The space below the building will be white or blue, for message writing. 

This is how the ultimate LV outlet should look like =D

pretty door handles =)
(the writing and detailing are all done in gold and bronze pens, but the faint gleam can't be seen in the photo).

Again, in bronze and gold.

Just to show you the shine, lol.

a theme of "wealth" was requested, hence the money tree on the front cover.
All the leaves were made out of Malaysian Ringgit =)

p.s. Almost all the 90 degree templates I use are from Willem's Origamic Architecture. I modified this one, though =)


  1. you cut real money? *horrified* oh for the love of art you cutted money?? to such extend you go yuen yuen.. :P

  2. as you can see, it was the RM 1 note =) so it wasn't too bad!


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