Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas/Valentine's Quilled Heart Cards

Here's what I've been busy with - Christmas mini cards!

First I quilled the hearts.

Then I made the backing with space for a message. Wanted to decorate the back a little more but I had less than a week to finish 40 of these sweeties.

Glued on the quilled hearts, personalized it with a message from me as well as the recipients' names, and voila!

Arranged neatly in my Christmas box, all ready to be Miss Santa =)

Close-up of a card. 

I'd actually thought making these would be a breeze (the heart is the easiest thing to quill, after all!) - but making 40 was NO joke. Even so, I'm not done; there are plenty more people I need to make cards for and am super late! 

I hope they won't mind <3 Maybe it'll be a Valentine!


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