Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Girl Pink Teddy Bear Pop Up Card with Quilled Heart

It's the middle of the week and still a while more to the weekend. But this treasury I was featured in, Dream in Color by Mary Louise is so bright and colorful it cheered me up for the rest of the day. The quilled heart gift tags in rainbow colours are especially cute!

I'm on holiday now and have been on a bit of a card-making craze. That, and going to the gym are what make up the bulk of my life now. There are 2 cards that I cannot show because the recipient hasn't gotten them and 3 completed cards that are sitting on my desk right now.

Here's one of them!

I tried the same teddy bear pop up again (by Rich of Creative Pop Up Cards), but in pastel pink this time for a baby girl card.
This is so versatile : it can be used as a baby announcement card, congratulations on a new baby, invitations to a baby shower, a little girl's birthday - the list is endless!

The little sweetie in her favorite red hair bow and clutching a pacifier in her left paw. 

She was supposed to be holding a milk bottle too, but I kept cutting it wrongly and in the end, exasperated, I decided that she probably wouldn't be holding so many things anyway! 

I also added punched red hearts to the corners.

Can't go for long without a teensy bit of quilling!

Front view.

And finally Little Pink Teddy says :
Happy Chinese New Year everybody! 


p.s. Submitting this for a Crafty Challenge (the first I'm participating in)! The theme is Something New, and I'm submitting under New Baby. Fingers are crossed!


  1. I love both the red and the pink versions

  2. sooo cute, like the edges on the quilled heart, it looks a little ruffled, very nice!!!!

  3. It is an adorable creation-- you have combined 2 of my favorite elements pop up cards and quilling!
    Cheers from Bangalore, India


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