Monday, January 10, 2011

Quilled flowers and coffee cups

Here are some cards I made over the festive season but didn't have the time to share :

This was a birthday card for a friend. SO glad her name had 2 "I"s, otherwise the letters wouldn't have been able to fit in one card!

Complete with quilled steam and handles, these dear little coffee cups were requested as a Christmas greeting from a loyal daughter to her parents.

The flowers are all dimensional - one of my favourite techniques.
This card can be used as a Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary card as well. Or maybe wedding invitations? 

College starts tomorrow. I can feel the dread sinking in already. Goodbye, holidays.


  1. Love your coffee cups Yuenie...I made one a few years ago but the main part of the cup was out of one piece {pinched at the bottom for the base}. I like the 2 piece style of yours.

  2. This is amazing, i will be sure to try this. I am new at quilling and I love it!

  3. Thanks so much, Cheryl! This was my first time quilling coffee cups actually =)

    Njeri, welcome to the wondrous world of quilling, where your imagination is the only limit =)


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