Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miniature Quilled Christmas Tree

I participated in an Embellish Me With Quilling Blog Hop a while ago, and to my surprise I won the Miniature Quilled Christmas Tree by Tracey at QuillyNilly!

I've been eagerly waiting for it ever since before Christmas, and it just arrived today! The postman had thrown it over the gate into our front garden and I was more than a little annoyed. I mean, what if it had rained or got damaged? 

When my mum handed it to me, I was so excited I squealed and started ripping the cellotape from the box straightaway. And it was just as exquisite as I thought it would be. 

My favorite part of all : the adorable little presents beneath the tree! They're so tiny and cute, especially that little fringed flower on the red present. Tracey, I really don't know how you work with such teeny tiny strips and yet still manage to keep the whole thing so neat and beautiful! If I were doing it there'd be glue stains all over I'm sure.

(I simply must draw your attention to the little details Tracey included : the glitter on the presents and the star, the 3D glitter baubles on the tree).

Probably due to the postman's carelessness (grrr), the tree was tilting forward and the star was falling off. Thank goodness I had some 3D glue on hand and used some to keep the tree and star upright.

This is Tracey's business card, and below is a handwritten note from her. Love the pastel colours and her cursive writing! 
When I first started using Etsy, Tracey helped me out a lot in giving tips on pricing, photos and marketing (which really helped a lot - Etsy can be pretty intimidating for new sellers!). She quills lovely stuff, and although her blog isn't updated very often, when it is updated, I always enjoy looking at her newest brightly coloured creations. 

And now I'm so proud I actually own a Quilly Nilly original!


  1. Very pretty, thanks for sharing!
    Thanks also for the shout out for Pixie, good luck with the draw!

  2. I remember this! I vouch that the squealing is true...

  3. no problem kirsty!

    why hello alex =) LOL you remember? I was so excited! you were impressed too I'm sure =)

  4. Yea. impressed you didn't tear it apart with all your shaking and screaming and what not....i swore a car accident happened behind us due to your excitement....it's illogical but it happened...


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