Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just getting started!

Here's a birthday card I made for Ema 2 weeks ago!
loving the cute pop-up cake and candles =D

The front of the card :
3D flowers, vines, and Ema's name in gold glitter.

Close up of the 3D flowers.

The waterfall card I made for Hari's birthday.
The letters of his name unfold slowly as the tab is pulled (as seen in the video).
Low-tech-me didn't know how to rotate the video so it's horizontal =P 

The back of Hari's card.

Calvin's 18th birthday card is made with strips of paper woven together.

A close up of the weave.
Notice that the "18" and Calvin's name are on raised platforms? 

Quite happy with the results! though they took me 3 whole days to finish. 

Codes : 
Ema's card : BD001
Hari's card : BD 002
Calvin's card : BD003

These cards were specially designed for Ema, Hari and Calvin. They are not for sale. The codes are just here so that anyone wanting something like this can easily refer (e.g. I want flowers like on BD001).
lovies, yuenie.

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