Sunday, October 31, 2010

jingle all the way!

Christmas is on the way, and here come the christmas cards!
(yes i admit I've been in a card-making frenzy the last couple of weeks, neglecting all my math homework teehee.)

Snowflake card!
This was SOOO tedious to quill! 36 quills and 7 hours went into that snowflake. 
but oh, how pretty and glittery it is!
Code : XM001
Size : 10.5cm x 14.85cm
(inside of the card is left blank for your own message)
The empty space at the bottom is for the recipient's name in glitter (or any other message that you prefer.)

This is what the snowflake looks like without glitter, if you prefer it just plain white.

And... with glitter.

Another Christmas card =)
Christmas tree pop-up, complete with gold star and mini flowers that stick out.
Code : XM002
Size : 10.5cm x 14.85cm
The front of the card : quilled multicoloured hearts on a light green background. (I don't know why the green doesn't really show in the picture).
Close view of the multicoloured glitter.

Can't wait for christmas! I LOVE the jingly happy atmostphere of the season, the shopping, the hustle and bustle, the presents, the food! Although it's a little over-commercialized, I enjoy it to the fullest. Of course, never forgetting the real reason we celebrate every Decemeber 25th =)


  1. Hi! I love the way you decorate the snowflakes with the silver glitters! What a great idea! The pop up christmas tree is pretty good idea too!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Lin! =) Really appreciate it!

  3. Beautifully quilled and the glitter makes it spectacular!


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